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Author Tour Stop - P. R. Frost - Hounding the Moon: A Tess Noncoire Adventure - Norilana [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Author Tour Stop - P. R. Frost - Hounding the Moon: A Tess Noncoire Adventure [Jan. 22nd, 2007|03:05 pm]
Introducing the next author on the Author Tour Stop -- the author tour that comes to you out of the cosmic aether once upon a purple moon and a harvest sun, when the shadow of the grinning groundhog is cast upon an ancient obelisk somewhere in the Andes and the constellation of the Archer aims its fiery arrow upon your heart....

P. R. Frost is one lucky writer. She resides on beautiful Mt. Hood in Oregon. She hikes the Columbia River Gorge for inspiration. An omnivorous reader, she taught herself to read before entering kindergarten. Her sister claims this was so she wouldn't have to wait to learn how to write so she could begin penning her stories. At Science Fiction/Fantasy conventions she can be found hanging out with filkers and costumers.

Like her fictional character Tess, P. R. learned to tat (la Frivolité with her grandmother's shuttle. Unlike Tess, she also enjoys bobbin lace, knitting and crocheting, periodically indulging in a binge of fisherman knit sweaters.

P. R.'s musical tastes are as omnivorous as her reading ranging from classical to Celtic to new age to jazz, and of course filk.

Want to learn more? Check out her LiveJournal blog ramblin_phyl and share her latest hiking adventures, progress reports on her books, and gushings over wildflowers. And, if you blink just fast enough, you might see a moving glimmer of faerie wings and a hint of true wonder....

"Tess fights evil ­even in the middle of a busy schedule of appearances at science fiction conventions and bookstores to flog her bestselling fantasy novels...." — Publishers Weekly

Okay, how effing cool is that? Damn, but I want to be Tess! :-)

And now, taking a moment to land here in our spot, P. R. has joined us to talk about her unusual fantasy novel debut with a main character who could be you or me, literally -- a fantasy writer!

1) If you were pitching Hounding the Moon: A Tess Noncoire Adventure to Hollywood for a major motion picture, what would you say?

Think Buffy grows up and becomes a science fiction/fantasy writer. Then she gets a witchblade. Only she isn't Buffy. And her witchblade is a sarcastic, cigar smoking, lactose intolerant, allergic to cats Imp from another dimension who is only visible and solid in this dimension when called upon to become the Celestial Blade. Oh and there's a secret sisterhood of warriors pledged to keep demons out of this dimension. Tess Noncoire is their rogue element who always asks why and thinks up weird new tactics when the old ones fail.

2) What one character quality about your protagonist makes him or her irresistible to the reader?

Tess is very human and strangely vulnerable despite her weird powers. Her life is just as over-scheduled and chaotic as the next person. She has been fat and dreads going there again. She's been the outcast geek and seeks out others of her kind at cons so that none of them is truly alone.

3) Whatever in the world gave you the original idea for writing this book?

That's a long and convoluted path. It started at the art show at an Orycon a long, long time ago. The artist GOH had done a painting he called Luna of a woman's face in the sky defined by a crescent moon and the starry backdrop with the Milky Way as her hair streaming out behind her. A companion who worked for Marion Zimmer Bradley thought it would make a cool cover for MZB's Fantasy Magazine. I decided to write the short story to go with it. Only I don't think short. The story grew and twisted and convoluted and then became a contemporary and it took off in my head. I've written the second in the series, Moon In The Mirror and have contracts for Faery Moon and Dark Moon Waning. Tess has become a part of my life.

4) Pretend you are a reader reading your own book for the first time. What impression will you come away with?

That was fun in a weird intense way. What's up next? At least I hope that's their reaction.

5) What comes next? Will there be a sequel?

Moon In The Mirror is written and scheduled for September '07. Two more percolating in my brain and the first book of a new series is in final draft. But that may come out with a different pseudonym. And you never know what's going to happen to the Dragon Nimbus books I wrote as Irene Radford. As you can see, I don't quite know what to do with myself if I'm not writing.