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Mayhem at Grant-Williams High
by Vera Nazarian

Dreams of the Compass Rose - collage novel in the vein of the One Thousand and One Nights. OUT OF PRINT

Lords of Rainbow - epic fantasy about a world without color (and arguably the best book you've never read). OUT OF PRINT

Salt of the Air - first collection from Prime Books, Introduction by Gene Wolfe. NEW REVISED AND EXPANDED EDITION AVAILABLE NOW!

The Clock King and the Queen of the Hourglass - novella from PS Publishing, Introduction by Charles de Lint.

The Duke In His Castle - novella from Norilana Books.

Dreams of the Compass Rose, from iBooks, Trade Paperback edition. This edition was never available, iBooks went bankrupt (about four days before the book's official release date). So, please stop "buying" it on Amazon and elsewhere (cuz it does not exist)! Get one of the older editions instead (such as the one with the poop-brown cover shown above), thanks. Though, now that it's all out of print in all editions, good luck finding this collector's item.

And here is my SFF Net Newsgroup. Check there first for the latest happenings!

Visit my publishing company Norilana Books and the business blog norilanabooks.

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